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Baking for Community Training

Building the capacity of community bakeries and social enterprises is central to ensuring wide access to more nutritious bread and developing a market for our grains and flour. We will enable bakers to develop products that both bring out the best in Scottish grains and gain a significant commercial following. This will support the development of real jobs, short supply chains and local economic activity.

The first-ever training course in community-supported baking was created by Bread Matters in 2008. Combining technical baking skills with the commercial and financial knowledge needed to operate a successful community enterprise, the Baking for Community courses, advice and mentoring services will be our flagship programme.

New courses will include a one-day Introduction to Community-Supported Baking, a four-day farm-based residential experience From Seed to Sourdough and bespoke team development with expert facilitators, typically over two days, Together We Rise.

“Thank you very much for such an enjoyable, educational, and inspirational Baking for Community course.”
James Doig 2014

“We derived such benefit from our two days of training…We’re now actively looking for a more permanent home which we can equip properly, having just secured funding for another year.”
High Rise Bakers (Bridging The Gap Charity, Glasgow) March 2016

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